Second Chance Doesn’t Work on US

 When I was all alone, sick in the hospital and busy on telling my friends not to visit me because its not a big deal while on the other hand telling you to visit me and telling my self that if you come, maybe second chance might work on us.

Its been more than 5 years since we broke up and in your term since I left you and go on my own way.We were young and naive back then; nothing would have worked out that time that’s why I let go.

YES…I chose to hurt you, I chose to leave and chose a better future for the both of us.

5 years and my heart is still in your hands. to make it clear and simple, what i want you to know is that I’m still in love with you and I’m praying to God that He’ll make a way for us to work out, again. We both finished a degree and we’re not in high school, when that hits me, the first thought I have is maybe now is the right time for us.

But I guess when my heart is still in your hands until now, yours have already moved on. I could tell that because at the time I needed someone to care for me you weren’t there and you  crashed whatever hope I have for us.


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