Almost Love

I almost meet love three times but they just passed by and say goodbye, others say hi and goodbye too fast while another last few months before saying their farewell.

The first time was when I was innocent and know nothing about love. I still believe in happily every after that time,a fairy tale like love story was shattered by a boy who know nothing but to play with hearts, so he played with mine until I’m no long fun for him but it wasn’t a game for an innocent girl like me, I was broken beyond repair and so I thought until I bump to him who made me believe in second chances; He last more than my first relationship and for me his not second place in my heart He was first place before and maybe even right now because He put back all the broken pieces of my heart and He shattered all the walls I built. We were in-love but the only thing is life gets in a way and I choose to follow my mind than what my heart wants so this time I broke my own heart to build my life, it wasn’t the right time; As I grab opportunities I let him go. The last one was just a date who makes me smile genuinely again and his smile that took away all the bullshit life throws at me; the time we’re together he lend me his ears and listen, he was there for me but I think the reason why he never called me again was it wasn’t the right time for him and I respect that, even if it makes me sad and lonely I have to face that the last hug we had was his goodbye to me.

So soon if I finally meet love; I hope as he say hi to my heart he will lock the door and tell me that he is there to stay with me and there will be, no goodbye’s anymore.