Let’s Not Hurry¬†

Let’s not hurry on finding love because I promise you that I will wait for you; You will see me in the right time but as of now let us focus on ourselves, so that when the day comes, that I have to submit to every decision that you will make, it won’t be hard for me because you have given God the time to confront me on how I should change my attitude and not be a brat on every situation, so when the time comes that I will have to serve you everyday of our lives, I won’t be getting tired because you have given me time to serve in the church and learn on how I should do everything with love and compassion, so that no matter how opposite we might be, I will not let go of you because you let me see how God has been holding me; Even at the times that I tried running away from Him, He never stopped pursuing me, telling me how faithful He is to me and how love should be unconditional.
You see, I will never be your typical “girlfriend material” because I am not fit to be one of them. I was born a princess, set apart from the rest of the world. I will not go outside and copy everything that’s on T.V or social media, I won’t even look on “what’s trending” , I don’t really care about all those because in the crowd of “many fishes, I will be a dolphin” ,



I will not be like them, I will be the woman whose fit to be with a king not to be with a soldier


I am destined to marry a leader whose heart is to serve people, I was born to be a support of my future husband not a boyfriend.
I will not play the game of “dating limbo”. No I will never just date you, because I will not enter a relationship just to fill in my cravings for affection or to receive your word of affirmation just to be secure; That I look pretty, that I am happy and that you complete the emptiness in me, because honestly you didn’t. I want you to see me as a whole person, the woman who can lend you a shoulder to lean on when you had a rough day at the office, or simply just be there for you when there are a lot of things that you just can’t figure out. I want you to be attracted to me because you saw the genuine joy I had, how you don’t have to fill in the pain that my past brought in my life, how you don’t have to work so hard and make a lot of effort just to make me smile, how you will thank God for the time that you allowed HIM to fix me. As He heals every pain in my heart and how he removes every fear that I have, so that, my love, when you see me, you will see how God worked and is working in and through me before I can be ready to face this life with you, so for the last time my love…..

Let’s not hurry on finding love. Let God put you and me together to be in-love.