To My Introvert Friend, Thank YOU!

Extroverts! We’re Loud, we are bunch of craziness inside,we love social gatherings and we love to have a smile on our face every single time while Introverts? your really quite, you’re so shy, you often speak plus you have a very limited reaction to my jokes and mostly you love to be  alone which makes me want to disturb you and annoy you every time, I mean every single time! I always pull you out of your comfort zone, You met a lot of my friends which soon enough became your friend too.Though they always said that the only reason why you introvert have friends or social life is that because we found you.

Well the truth, I only find courage to continue my life because you keep me; I’m loud because I try so hard not to hear the voices in my mind, I have crazy ideas because mostly I want to be free from my life and I always have a smile in my face so that people will not notice how much I cried last night, but you…your my introvert friend who’s there to save me; how much you’re always there to listen when everybody in the party is going home, you stay with me until the time I’m tired of wearing my smile and uncover that I’m fragile inside or that I’m actually broken.

You were their when I thought everyone’s gone, your shoulder somehow is always ready for me to cry on, your ears are never tired of my complains and deep thoughts, you arms never miss to catch every time I fall or every time I fail, you were their supporting me, cheering me up and keeps on reminding me how much this life is worth it, so to my introvert friend thank you.


Your LIFE is  Worth More Than A Degree

Fourth year college is equals to: deadlines,thesis,terror prof. (Who doesn’t care about the fact that you want to graduate), conflicts and none stop drama in life.Also fourth year college is where fear builds up the most:the fear of not passing, the fear of the unknown future, the fear of what’s going on right now, the fear of disappointing your love ones and the fear of the unending  ‘what ifs’ and ‘why not’ ,but in spite of all that you tried to be positive and for once you want to believe in yourself thinking that everything will be “okay” but as usual your best will never be enough it will always be; almost done, almost pass , almost did it but it never goes according to the way you planned it to be. You not knowing what to do, not know whom to tell and  not knowing anything anymore wants to end everything.

Every time, you want to  disappear or you want to  give up remember that everything will pass and move on, so you too should go on in life and move forward; I know how hard it is to chill with all the things in your shoulder but once in a while think back and look why you’re doing this: I hope it is not to make everyone happy or proud of you or to think that you just have to do this for people to acknowledge your existence, I hope that reason will always be because you want it, because it will make you happy and proud. It’s because you finally want to say that “YOU DID IT!”. Finishing your degree is not for everyone but it’s for you; so when everything is going in a bad direction look back to the first  time you entered this university/college in fear of everything and now just one more year, just two more semester this will all be worth it.

The Sad thing is, Suicide doesn’t end the pain it just passes it to someone else.” anonymous